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Cilantro, 6" Growbox

Gardenio – Grow Your Own Food

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What's Inside? This Growbox comes with everything you need to start growing cilantro – a 6" wide recyclable container with proper drainage, a custom organic soil blend designed for cilantro to thrive in, a live organic cilantro plant (exact variety may vary), and a Quick Care Guide to get you off on the right track. We'll deliver it right to your door. We got you.

Best Conditions: Cilantro is a cool-weather lovin' plant that freaks out if it gets above 85° for too long. Like a mogwai kinda. It will “bolt” which means it’ll grow real tall, make pretty yellow flowers, and produce seeds (which is actually the seasoning known as coriander). But for foliage, keep it in cooler temps. It digs a good deal of sun (4-6 hours of direct sun is great) but some shade is fine. It needs regular moisture, so don’t let it dry out.

How Much Do I Get? The 6" Growbox will produce enough cilantro for you to garnish your meals regularly with ready access to fresh, flavorful leaves for a good deal of time while the leaves grow back. Cilantro has a shorter life span than most other herbs.

Where Do You Get It? All plants, soil, and growing tips are sourced from local, Austin Texas organic providers – so when you buy from Gardenio, you're supporting local growers (you're one now too!), and supporting organic.

When Will I Get It? Expect deliveries within 14 days of ordering. We’ll contact you directly if any issues come up.