Austin: Check Our New Spring Plants!






The seedlings

Gabriel Valley Farms

Sam and Cathy always had a love of plants, going back to their childhood days of helping their respective parents with gardening and other relatives with farming duties. They’ve been in the gardening biz for just about 30 years. As a small business, they found their niche (and passion) in growing healthy herb and vegetable plants suited for the Central Texas climate. Avoiding the use of traditional chemicals was a priority in their overall plan. Since , they have been USDA certified organic. Nowadays, we are also working with their son Daniel, who joined the operation as a part owner. His enthusiasm and fresh ideas are helping to propel Gabriel Valley Farms to meet the ever increasing demand for their organic plants.


The soil

Garden-Ville Organic Gardening

Garden-Ville was founded as a family farm in 1957. The original owner had a strong belief that farming should be done in an organic fashion and operated the farm without using any toxic pesticides or chemicals. Even though the practice of organics was at the time considered faddish, the farm was a success and grew into a composting and soil blending operation. Today Garden-Ville offers a full line of proven gardening products that have been developed, tested and proven over the years. Right now, your Gardenio box has their potting mix but they have tons of quality products that we’re excited to introduce you to.


The compost

Joe's Organics

Joe Diffie started his commercial compost hauling career as a Co-Director at Ecology Action, so the man knows about dirt! He eventually formed Joe's Organics in 2012, with the mission of diverting organic urban waste from landfills and turning it into a valuable resource. Today, Joe's Organics collects over three tons of waste each week from 30 restaurants and sustainable businesses in the Austin area. Over the last several years, over 200 tons of food waste have been diverted from landfills! These guys are so passionate about sustainable agriculture and empowering young people to get involved with growing food!


The planters

Bloem Living

Bloem started out in a West Michigan garage with some design ideas and a passion for making beautiful, affordable planters in a variety of classic and bright colors. Now they’re headquartered in Hudsonville, Michigan. All of their products are manufactured in the US.