Serving the Austin Area! Use Discount Code "AUTUMN" for 10% off orders over $50!


Gardenio doesn't service my zip code yet, but I'm interested in buying a box. What can I do? Gardenio will never turn anyone away who is garden-curious. You can join the Gardenio waitlist. We expect to be out of Beta by mid-2018.


I live in Austin, but I am just outside the zipcodes that you service. Can I still get a box? Thanks for being so excited about our product. Reach out to and our team will try to work something out for you.


What if I can't buy a March Box but want to buy a box for a future month? We'll be releasing upcoming boxes soon. Stay tuned and sign up for our waitlist!


What's the Gardenio Guarantee? We measure every supplier we have against strict standards in two parts. The first part of our vetting process is looking at objective certifications awarded by objective parties like US Composting Council and Department of Agriculture. If a supplier meets the high bar we set, then we move to round two. We test all of the components in your box ourselves. We have personally visited every site where your plants, soil, and compost are sourced from. Read more on our Suppliers page.


Is there anything I should know about harvesting these ground candies? Wash your produce thoroughly before it makes it onto the plate. There will be more detailed info in your care guides to properly store your individual plants but that's the main thing.

When will I get my delivery? Gardenio delivers on Saturdays between 10am and 6pm. Our first deliveries will be by hand in March, and we'll be in contact with you with the precise weekends we can deliver. If there are any Saturdays that don't work for you, let us know in your comments.


What's your return policy? Our promise to send you genuine, organic plants and materials to get growing – everything should come in quality condition. If your plant dies in the first few days or your planters are in bad shape, we messed up somehow, so get at us and we'll replace stuff so you're happy and growing.


What if everything come in looking fine, but my plants don't make it? If your plant dies after 7 days, we'll replace plants in our Beta program for $10 per plant. No delivery charge or hidden fees. If you're fed up, we understand! We can help you dispose of the soil properly and can recycle the planters if they're in good condition. 


No space? No sun? No green thumb? Not a problem for our Herby Hancock box. All of our herbs are small-format and pretty low maintenance. And they smell AMAZING.


Are certain plants easier to care for than others? We want you to succeed. The catalogue of plants you have to choose from is already curated to your climate and the time of year. The seedling plants we ship to you are already past the hardest part of the growing stage. Our soil is awesome on its own, but we also include Joe's Organics compost to ensure your new plants are well fed. If you're still concerned, then go with the Herby Hancock!


Do you guys offer a gardening bed or hanging planters? Our gardening solution is mobile, just like you are. Individual, lightweight planters offer the flexibility to set up a garden that fits your space. And it makes it easier to move your crops during crazy weather.


What about parties? We want to meet all of you. The online community we are building for you is a party on its own, but we want to get y'all together in the real world every now and then too. Everyone who buys a box in our Beta program will be invited to a special, invitation only party to say thanks. Stay tuned for events near you.


Why are these the right materials to grow with? Our friend Sam at Gabriel Valley Farms once said: the only thing that two gardeners can agree on is that the third one is wrong. We will never skimp on anything that your plants need. There are a million ways to skin a potato. We've worked with farmers, horticulture experts, and gardening novices to make sure our solution does what we promise.


Do you guys offer a box for succulents? We love succulents too but that's not our roadmap at the moment. First and foremost, we want to help you grow your own food. Afterwards we'll start looking into cacti, flowers, mushrooms, and anything else that likes dirt. But who knows, nopales are a thing, right?


I'm pretty busy. Do you guys have a self-watering solution for me? No! We aren't just growing veggies, we're also growing gardeners. We'll set you up with the materials and resources that you need to succeed but you'll need to get your hands in the dirt too. Our goal is to bring you a solution that is not only nutritious and delicious, but also affordable and accessible. Bringing things back to the basics allows saves you money and builds a timeless skill. You can give a person some tomatoes or teach 'em how to make the darn things grow… at least that’s what they say.


What herb cures all ailments? Thyme. That’s a joke. Thanks for reading.