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Gardenio – Grow Your Own Food

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What's Inside:

  • 6” (small) or 12” (large) container with proper drainage
  • Custom organic soil blend
  • Live organic parsley plant (exact variety may vary)
  • Gardenio Care Guide

Best Conditions:

  • 💧Water: Requires regular moisture (Do not over-water)
  • ☀️Sun: Requires lots of sun (6-10 hours) but little shade ok
  • ❄️Cold: Able to survive freezing temperatures (10° or so) but not frost


  • One 6” Growbox will produce enough Parsley for you to garnish some dishes. A 12” container will grow even bigger, bushier parsley
  • Note: Parsley can last you through the year if you treat it right and harvest regularly


  • All organic material is sourced from local Central Texas organic vendors. When you buy Gardenio, you buy local.

Expected Delivery:

  • Deliveries arrive within 14 days ordering
  • We’ll always contact you directly if any issues come up.

This plant is currently out of season, which means it would almost certainly die and then we'd both feel bad.

Can we let you know when Parsley is back in season?