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Gardenio – Grow Your Own Food

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What's Inside?

  • 6” wide recyclable container with proper drainage
  • Custom organic soil blend
  • Live organic Oregano plant (exact variety may vary)
  • Gardenio Care Guide

Best Conditions:

  • 💧Water: Requires very little water  (Do not over-water)
  • ☀️Sun: Requires lots of sun (6-10 hours)


  • One 6” Growbox will produce enough Oregano for you to garnish a few dishes regularly.
  • Our 12” Growbox will produce an even larger yield of Oregano


  • All organic material is sourced from local Central Texas organic vendors. When you buy Gardenio, you buy local.

Expected Delivery:

  • Deliveries arrive within 14 days ordering
  • We’ll always contact you directly if any issues come up