Sustainability at Gardenio

It’s gonna take all of us to save the world. And let’s be clear, we can’t *just* buy our way out of the climate apocalypse. But we need an all of the above strategy. Here’s what we’re doing to help make that happen.

Sustainability in Our Supply Chain

One of the less popular, but hugely impactful factors of sustainability is supply chain – where do you get what you get. The production and process of how it all works. 

We Source Local & Organic

We work with local organic farms and growers in Austin, Texas. 

It’s All Made Outta Plants

Our compostable containers are made out of rice hulls which are durable, biodegradable, and lasts up to five years outdoors. 

Saying No to Plastic

Our packaging is eco-friendly which means (damn near) zero plastic, and we use recycled materials to ship our products. It’s worth noting, cause people will ask about shipping soil – one of the reasons we do small plants is that our packages are very lightweight. 

Sustainability in Our Membership

Overcoming Physical Barriers

We send you everything you need, most importantly sustainable and eco-friendly materials, to start growing so you don’t have to stress about getting the right stuff. 

Using Tech the Right Way

Our mobile app gives extra support to keep our members’ plants happy and healthy. We teach crop rotation and advise organic practices--never chemical-- to ensure that plant care. 

Can’t Do It Alone

We create a community within to get our growers familiar with other members to foster new connections and relationships. We also connect Gardenio users to local community events in service of food, farm, and sustainability – including volunteering at local farms. 


Sustainability in Gardening


Fundamentally Human

Gardening is a human activity that’s been around for generations. We have very close, personal relationships with our plants. Gardening keeps us interacting with the outdoors and getting some fresh air on a regular basis. 

Environmental Health Benefits

Gardening is incredibly important for environmental health because growing food reduces food waste, decreases food supply chain pollution, and consumes CO2. 

Mental & Physical Health Benefits

Aside from being delicious and providing food, it is beneficial for our mental and physical health. It is also a cost-effective, natural way to reduce stress. But beyond all that, the base truth is just that it’s real cool and feels good. It’s so incredible to be able to eat what you grew and to experience it all firsthand. It’s magical. It connects us to our food, our neighbors, and to ourselves. 

If you want to start growing plants, become a member of Gardenio! And make sure to follow us on Instagram.