Say Hello to Chelsea Shaw, Our New Co-Founder!

We got a new co-founder folx! Chelsea Shaw came onboard in March 2019 as a lead software engineer and has been completely crushing it. It just became very apparent to us that she has built out all of the tech we had, and that we wanted to continue building out this Gardenio universe together. So, quite recently, we agreed that she will be the Technical Co-Founder of Gardenio! 

“At first I was helping out with technical things like the website and getting the first version of the Gardenio app live,” Chelsea says. “I think Roman saw that he could trust that whatever I owned would get done, and I think that led to him finally proposing that we make me co-founder.”

Chelsea graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Communication Design. After working in graphic design, she found a new interest in web development and coding. Chelsea realized that she wanted to continue working in web development, so she sought out software engineering positions and eventually found Gardenio. 

Chelsea understands that her new position will come with more responsibilities, and she is ready for that. “I had already been taking ownership of things and asserting my point of view on business-level discussions,” Chelsea explains. “I've always been able to juggle multiple responsibilities as a contributor.”

“The biggest challenge as we grow is learning how to also manage people. However I'm very excited to be codifying how we do things in order to bring others into the fold, and delegating tasks has been so refreshing!” 

TL;DR, we’re stoked!

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