CEO Roman Gonzalez Featured on Talk to Me About Food Podcast

CEO Roman Gonzalez, back at it again, has been featured on yet another podcast: Talk to Me About Food, one which we’re very excited about (it is so, so well done) on an episode about growing your own food. In the beginning, host Ali Tadlaoui gives an introduction to the upward trend of “growing your own food” and learns more about what we do at Gardenio. His focus for the podcast is the intersection of food and market research.

Three different projects are highlighted, including a system that relies on animals to forage your own food and a permaculture and homesteading school to learn what vegetables to grow. For Roman’s part, he discusses how millennials are leading the recent boom in growing food and why that is.

“The reasons people grow are highly emotional and many times quite ethical,” Roman says. “Many people we talked to wanted to do things to live more sustainably, [they’re] concerned about the earth and where it’s going. So that by growing food, it is a positive use of CO2 consumption. But there is something deeper going on emotionally. I think plants shift people’s mindsets and where they fit in the world.” 

Roman is the show’s protagonist for small space container gardening for the garden-curious generation. Gardenio emphasizes container gardening where we send mulch, live plants, and more right to our members’ doorsteps. We also provide a mobile app with localized knowledge and a community to help members as they grow. 

“I’m interested in breaking down that initial barrier to get people to grow because then you have enough people that now know enough to start growing enough in whatever size space you need,” Roman explains. “That’s where you get all these creative ideas on how to grow more in less spaces. That’s why we do small container gardening.”

You can listen to the whole podcast on Ali’s site or on Spotify

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