CEO Roman Gonzalez Featured on BLNDED Media Founder Series

CEO Roman Gonzalez was featured as a Founder on the BLNDED Media Founder Series. “BLNDED Founders | Roman Gonzalez,” written by Taylor Tompkins, talks about Roman's background, entrepreneurial spirit, and his many accomplishments with Gardenio. 

Roman built organizations from the ground up in high school and college. Except, he never thought about that as entrepreneurship but merely as a way to create services for which he saw a need for. Roman explains that, “after college, as I got more into tech, I realize I’d found a sector with the potential for global impact.” 

Gardenio was founded from Roman’s own experience growing food. Through his experience as a filmmaker, political organizer, marketer, and designer, he launched Gardenio in February 2018 after completing the Divinc accelerator program last fall. Gonzalez went on to be a finalist for Austin Inno’s 2018 50 on Fire Awards. 

“We have a tech component to what we do, but we’re deliberate in how we build the app and what we build it for - we use it to get people playing in the dirt," Roman says. 

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