CEO Roman Gonzalez Featured on Tricycle Creative Marketing + Business Podcast

CEO Roman Gonzalez on another podcast! How cool! This time, Roman is featured on Tripod, the Tricycle Creative podcast, hosted by Ross Herosian where Roman talks about the most challenging aspects of growing a startup as well as some tips & recommendations. The biggest challenge for Roman was building a team and finding a co-founder. Roman recalls the time he met Chelsea Shaw, our technical co-founder, and explains how they came together to work on Gardenio. 

“One of the things I recognized in her that I didn’t recognize in the other people I talked to was that she [Chelsea] was such a fighter,” Roman emphasizes. “We shared value sets and a way of working where we really hustle and put a lot of pressure on ourselves.”

One of Roman’s tips for getting into the Austin startup scene is to talk to as many people as you can about it. Roman got his start with Gardenio in the startup accelerator program Divinc. 

“There are these different accelerator programs around town and they are really good for folks who are getting into the scene,” Roman says. “What they do is introduce you to the network, give you programming to understand the business, and build the support of other founders. When you have those three things, you put yourself in a really strong position to be successful because nobody does this alone. We rely on networks and communities. One of the best investments I’ve made is in people and in networking.”

Roman not only talks about his investment in other people but also investment in himself. 

“What can make a really good founder is self knowledge, doing a lot of emotional self work,” Roman explains. “And to that extent, I think therapy has been one of the greatest professional investments I have ever made. I think that during my 20s frequently going to therapy made me understand how I feel about a thing, how to communicate that feeling, and how to understand how other people are feeling. It has been very powerful for me.” 

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