4 Tips for Watering Plants in Containers

A lot of folx ask us how to water their plants properly in containers so here are 4 tips on how to do just that! 

If you wanna skip the reading, we have a short video that you can check out! 

Tip Number 1: Water the Soil Not the Leaves 

When you water the leaves, especially if they are in a shady place, there’s a high chance that fungus could emerge and damage the plant. We don’t want that!

You want to angle the water towards the bottom and lift any leaves that are in the way. If there are some leaves that are chillin at the bottom, feel free to pick them just to make it easier for yourself. 

Tip Number 2: Water Slow and Deep 

So what does that even mean right? All it means is don’t throw your water pressure all the way up to high and point it at your plant. That could damage the plant if it’s fragile.

If the plant you are watering is diseased, there’s a possibility of the water spreading to other plants which could cause the other plants to get the disease as well. Also, don’t flood your plant! If there is a lot of water chillin at the top of the soil it could make the bottom leaves get wet and in hot conditions, could cause fungus that could take down your entire plant! Overall a big no no! 

The best way to ensure that doesn't happen is to use less water over a longer period of time. Just hangout with your plants for 30 seconds or a minute, making sure you're lightly watering the plant thoroughly. When people talk about watering their plants deeply, this is what they mean: a little bit over a longer period of time. 

Tip Number 3: The Finger Test 

Put your finger in an inch or two, and if you take it out and it’s wet, that means the plant has enough water. If it's still dry, you need to hangout with your plants a longer, water a little lighter, slower and thoroughly and you'll be just fine! 

Tip Number 4: Bottom Soakin’! 

If your plant has really dried out and is in need of some serious TLC, what you can do is take the container with no saucer and put it in a shallow dish like a casserole pan. Set it in the dish where it's about an inch or two in the water and let it sit for around 15-20 minutes while it soaked in the water from the bottom upwards. 

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