A new kind of garden club

Zero waste, organic food gardening in pots outdoors. We’ll send you all you need with an app and community to help as you grow. We’re besties now.

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Dope! How does it work?

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First, we throw a curated box at your front door, every season

We make it dang near impossible to make the wrong first step. Your first growbox comes with three plantkits that have everything you need - right for your location, setup, and time of year. Customize your order, and get a new growbox with one plantkit every season after.

Gold membership perk: Eco-friendly Container
Gold membership perk: Live Organic Plant each season
Gold membership perk: Custom-tailored soil mixture for your plant
Gold membership perk: Your plants perfect mulch friend
Gold membership perk: A custom care guide to help you as you grow your own food
Gold membership perk: eco-friendly packaging

Oh, you get infinite lives

Listen, we don’t want you getting wound up in whether one specific plant lives or dies. Gardeners grow - that’s science. If your plant dies for any reason, we’ll send you a new one so you can keep the growin’ goin’ as long as you’re a member. We. Have. Your. Back.

Photo of a woman, surrounded by plants, elated that she can garden worry-free

Lastly, we hook you up with premium app support to help you as you grow

Get connected to the world’s best localized knowledge base; to problem solving tools and supplies; and to other nearby growers on and offline.

Contextual plant advice

Get advice based on where you live like “It’s gonna freeze! Bring your plants inside!” or “Hey, it’s hot! Did you water your plants?”

Digital tools for the home gardener

We’re building tools to help you identify bad bugs, weird diseases, sick plants, and what to do about it organically and sustainably.

Connect with local growers

Post photos and videos of what’s up with your plant and connect to other folks growing who can help. Growing is and always has been a community effort.

Screenshot of your phone telling you what you should do with your plants based on your local weather

We're a team on a mission to empower the next generation of urban food growers, until you become compost. Check out our story.

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